WHMxtra Install Instructions

Installation notes: Please ensure the following prior to running any installer:

1. Run the below command:

rm -rf xtra.sh;rm -rf cpx.sh;rm -rf pro.sh;rm -rf basic.sh;rm -rf xlite.sh

This will remove any old installer files laying around.

2. Turn off any firewall you may be using, or the installer may not be able to connect to our server to retrieve the proper files.

3. Run the following command to install

Install: wget http://whmxtra.com/pro/pro.sh;sh pro.sh

After installation has completed, log into WHM, Xtra Extreme can be accessed from WHM's Plugins menu on the bottom left. Prior to using any Xtra features please first go to Options >> Update License and enter your key in the box, click the submit button, then click "Test License" to lock the license into your server. Once this is complete you may proceed to use Xtra
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